Rent iPad and Samsung Tablet at
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Peace of Mind

Renting from us means peace of mind. Fraction of cost and risk of ownership. Tablet rental is our core service and we provide the best and most reliable experience.

Top Quality

Our iPads and accessories are always up to date and in tip top shape, to make your event shine.

Best Price

We continuously look for ways to save your time and money, so there’s no need for you to shop all over for the best deal.

Extra Mobility

Longer battery life reduces the need to have power plugs and greater mobility between different venues.

Tech Integration

Not sure of which App can provide that particular functionality you need? Let us know.

Environment Friendly

Have your conference materials inside the iPad instead of printing paper.

Save Time

We provide delivery and pickup from your venue.

24/7 Support

Email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone support is also available.